Thursday, January 12, 2012

Episode 040 goes to a yoga instructor for back pain on the advice of a chiropractor

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This Week:
00:01:25 Intro stuff
Skeptical Birthdays: Rasputin, Stephen Hawking, Robert Stack, Andy Rooney, and newcomer Greg Perrine
Jessica Ahlquist Wins Lawsuit
Reason Rally
The Response is still around?!
Some shoutouts!
St. Baldricks
Song competition between Gary and Greg and Donna's going to do VOSOT vids
Name Donna's video bits!

00:25:50 British Columbia and HIV and HepC
00:32:30 Is science failing us, as a Wired article says?
00:50:00 Yoga Bad, according to the New York Times
00:57:00 Lightning Round
01:07:00 Holistic Chamber of Commerce
And no: Steve Schweitzer is NOT part of the Global Consciousness Project. My bad.

And the dogs shut down the power coupling to the tractor beam but don't care much about anything else happening.

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