Thursday, February 9, 2012

Episode 044: hears Nick Lee from AAI speak while checking it's aura and spanking a creepy monkey

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This Week:
00:02:10 Skeptical Birthdays
00:04:57 9th Cicuit Court of Appeals Upholds proposition 8 dismissal
00:09:35 Nick Lee from Atheist Alliance of America and other stuff
00:16:24 Compass ZYTO technology
00:37:30 Creepy Visitation online - see the blog for the text.
00:50:38 Spanking doesn't work
01:11:48 Lightning Round

And the dogs drink and growl and play "revolving door" with the dog flap. But for whatever reason avoided the humans while they laughed uncontrollably for 10 minutes.

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The Big Board

1 comment:

  1. In my perfect parent periods I adopted a technique I learned from my older brother: Tell the child/children they had until the count of ten and then promise something they will not like will occur.

    The trick to this was that the "promise" needed to be real and actually enacted. This included leaving the playground and going home, unplugging a certain toy (sometimes removing the power cords), or even stopping the car on the way to a fun activity. You always had to follow through.

    But I admit to occasionally swatting a child. This was often when I was frustrated, tired and just fed up. It was not often, but I admit that my perfect parent periods were not 100% of the time.

    I had to laugh when my twenty-one year old son related the techniques he uses for the young students in his swim classes (he is a lifeguard at a public school, his duties include teaching). Many of them were the ones I used on him. He learned! (and when he was five years old I found the spot he used to hide the carrots and other food he was supposed to eat before a treat, I made him clean it out)

    Oddly, my parents did not do much "spanking." We had to often endure the dreaded "lecture." Those are when you'd wish they would just get the hairbrush, hit your butt and get it over with.