Friday, July 20, 2012

Episode 067 conventionally goes over tam (that's how South'nus say it anyway)

* NOTE: this episode was recorded and edited before the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Our thoughts go out to those affected.

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00:03:00 David Barton wins the "least credible history book in print" award form the History News Network poll
00:05:45 Birthday: Nelson Mandela
00:10:51 Donna Rants Movie Theater Etiquette
00:17:40 Boyscouts and Chick-Fil-A are officially bigoted
- NOTE: no one entity owns the Boy Scouts, however, the LDS Church is a major supporter of the Boy Scouts and have pushed to make the BSA a religious organization, along with the Catholic Church
00:22:00 Another libel suit win in England by Nature Magazine
00:26:00 Greg's The Amazing Meeting 2012 review, plus discussion
01:14:00 2012 Texas Democratic Platform Statement

And the dogs presumbably work on getting the power back on at the house so they can lounge in comfortable air conditioning.

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No Big Board this week, so here is a picture of a Greg singing something.


  1. Hi,

    I love show, though I do have a couple things to disagree with in the last show.

    Even though the vegan stereotype is an anti-skeptic (such as that wacko with the smart phone app), the choice to be vegan can easily be justified as more moral from a skeptical humanist position. Some vegans over state the health benefits when of course eating a balanced diet with some lean meats, eggs and milk is just as healthy as a balanced vegan diet. But both types of diet can be unhealthy. The only good reason to bring up that a vegan diet is just as healthy (for everyday people and athletes like) as one containing animal products is to say that it CAN be done. Then move on to the reasons why it SHOULD be done, i.e.; greatly reducing your carbon footprint, not wasting farmland, water and crops on animals bred to die or live in life long captivity for entertainment of human taste buds. Yes, incase you hadn't guessed I am vegan, though I had to head butt my way through a massive wall of taste bud reinforced cognitive dissonance with some guidance from a "stridently" vegan (feminist, pacifist, anti-racist, LGBTIQ rights, labor rights, liberal, not as much atheist and vulgar :D) news podcast called "CItizen Radio". They are why I think of myself as Humanist+ (I do not limit my sympathy along the lines of species, just as I do not along lines of race, gender, sexuality or class).

    Also about the religious skeptics thing; Do skeptics let "skeptical" anti-vaxxers, "skeptical" homeopaths, "skeptical" 9/11 truthers or "skeptical" climate change deniers go unchallenged? No? Even if they realise it is their irrational blind spot but believe they are getting something special out of it? Like whooping cough or a ruined planet... Religion holds a privileged position even among supposedly "secular" skeptics…

    A few shows ago there was a misunderstanding of the meaning of the word ‘feminist’ was expressed, it is simply someone who wants men and women to be treated as equals, not the same but as equals… You’re all feminists whether you like it or not! Yeah even Greg and Gary! We men can be feminists too!

    From Jack

  2. Hey Jack: we have finally (!) have an answer to you on this week's podcast...well...kinda. I am very very sorry we didn't respond earlier.
    - Gary

  3. Thanks for getting back to me I know things get sometimes, (I'm 2 Skeptic Wires behind, and this is just one of many podcasts I love listening to).
    Hunting wild life just seems unnecessary when you can get that nutrition other ways. However in a situation where animals are one of just a few food sources like in ancient times I have no problems with eating meat.
    What I meant meat being just for the "entertainment of human taste buds" I was eating meat for months just because I liked the taste, I knew how and why to change I just didn't, also people tell all the time they could never go vegan because they "like their meat to much", which is what I used to say.
    As far as nutrition goes; tofu (and other soy bean products) and a variety of legumes are your friends, and they not that expensive either, especially legumes. You can get vitamin B12 fortified soy milks and some specific for of yeast.

    There are websites/blogs out there who claim to describe how to do veganism cheaply and healthily, I haven't used them so I don't know how good they are.

    Donna, what about climate change effecting your daughters future; see hurricane Sandys and other damaging weather events becoming more frequent. Skeptics sound aim to eliminate irrationality from themselves how else can they expect non skeptics to do the same, but of course time and place.

    I just put the feminist bit in there because many ago you guys (the gender neutral reference to a group of people, ;p) said something I can't even remember a little disparaging about feminism/feminists though it was clear you were all feminists so I wanted clear that up.