Friday, February 22, 2013

Episode 098 finds that rhino horns and babies have something in common with the Disco 'tute

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00:05:20 Birthday
00:13:55 Rhino Horn replacement attempt on indeogogo
00:34:30 Senator Mary Sue McClurkin (R) thinks babies are organs
and we learn what going greek means
00:45:45 Kirk Cameron begins teaching film at Liberty U Donna is displeased
00:50:55 Callan Bentley, Geologist and taker of pictures, responds to a Discovery Institute request to use his pictures
00:59:45 Saturday Night Live skit D'Jesus Uncrossed stirs the ire
James Randi and Alice Cooper

And Harpo really thinks Rhino Horn replacement is a good idea and things we should use Kirk Cameron as Rhino horn replacement.

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No Big Board this week so here is a picture of the world's largest fully functioning organ: the Wanamaker Organ at Macy's in Philidelphia, PA

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