Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Episode 104 gets riled up about open letters but then realizes that Sesame Street likes U

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00:03:15 Birthday
00:08:00 American Atheists 50th Anniversary Convention
Why Austin, hotel stuff, some of the peoples and things
00:25:45 Social activism, atheism plus, trolls, etc
00:32:30 Open Letter to the Secular Community
00:57:30 Chivalry and sexism

And Harpo has a great idea about promoting more social issues within the freethinking, humanist, skeptical, and atheist communities but has a

hard time voicing the ideas in a concise and consumable manner.

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And here is a picture of a hand crank


  1. Yes I am aware I use the term "Let Her Buy..." It Isn't Meant In That Way And If You Get Offended, That's Your Problem And Feel Free To Start Your Own Extemporaneous Podcast. Also, I Don't Know Why Blogspot Wants To Capitalize Every Word.

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