Friday, May 17, 2013

Episode 110 Oops, Greg forgot to post a bunch of episode announcments

Sorry folks. In the back and forth of Greg helping Gary with the editing duties he (I) forgot to post the show notes to the blog. for several episodes. My bad.

Episode 110 Clone Angelina Jolie

00:00 Credits, Intro, How Was Your Week
05:15 Skeptical Birthday - (SPOILER)
11:37 WOT Do You Say
16:51 Meave Leakey And NAS
18:19 Angelina Jolie Mastectomy
27:51 Human Stem Cells And Cloning
37:24 Mayan Pyramid Buldozed
43:28 NTSB and BAC
52:46 Smoking Residue In Hotel Rooms
58:38 Closing and Outtakes

Harpo is invited to a kegger party thrown by Calli and Maese

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