Thursday, August 8, 2013

Episode 122 has Meat Space Demons and Crosses that Demons Dislike

...and I forgot to insert the you go...

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01:30 Faisal Sayeed al Mutar talk coming to you
04:30 Birthday
06:55 Lab grown meat has been cooked and eaten
18:30 Kepler update: what do we do with it
23:15 Russian meteor may have brethren and sistren
and other cool spacey meteory and sciencey historyery  things
40:35 A bit of The Cross found in Turkey
47:50 Website or Webshite Web of Trust
1:01:35 Lightning Round

And Harpo recites poetry in original Olde English Dogge dialect

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Meat Space Demons would be a cool band name. Just saying.
It's back! it's not: it's the Really Small PostIt Note:

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