Friday, January 10, 2014

Episode 144 Tromps through barley trying to call an OK Baphomet to get free passes to the Nye/Ham "debate"

... but doesn't have the self-esteem and that makes its stomach blue
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3:15 Birthday
12:20 Oklahoma Baphomet
20:30 Ark Park in trouble
26:30 Ken Ham and Bill Nye
35:50 Crop Circle Advertisement
42:00 Kim Jung Un did not send his uncle to the dogs
49:40 Color map of bodies effected by emotions
The study:
1:05:40 Low esteem kids get bigger praise
1:19:30 What Did We Learn

And Maese and Calli finally get a portion of the night off but do feel the need to interject at prime opportunites.

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The Return of the Return of the Big Board!

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