Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Poe's Corner for Episode 018

This week's Poe's Corner asks the Skeptic Wire team (and you, loyal listener) to tell the difference between an actual cult people claim to believe in and one made up for a TV show.

  1. The Kinda are a primitive jungle cult where psychic powers are fostered to protect against the Mara, an evil, snake-like being of the subconscious that longs for corporeal reality.

  2. The Hindu cult Aghori will eat anything from rotten food to animal faeces. The finality of their rituals is attained from eating the decaying flesh of a human.

  3. The Russian Cult of Gadget Hackwrench believe in a Disney cartoon that is Gadget Hackwrench from the famous the “Disney's Rescue Ranger TV show”, as being a divine being.

  4. The Feeders of Vaal cult reveres a dragon named Vaal that they say controls every element of the environment from lightning to the fruit on trees. Only by feeding the dragon are they spared its wrath.

  5. The Creativity Movement is a xenophobic and White-supremacist cult which advocates a religion known as the “White Religion” called Creativity.

  6. Foundationism is a cult that aims to get back at the roots of all the religions, asserting that the core message of existing religions often get lost when politics and money and nationalism get in the way of things.

  7. Blaintology is an American magic worshipping cult who, after failing to achieve tax-exempt status in 2001, attempted a mass suicide in Washington D.C.

  8. Ho Na Hana Sanpogyo is a Japanese cult often referred to as the “foot reading cult,” as the founder of this cult believed that he could make a diagnosis by examining people’s feet.
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