Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This week's Poe for Episode 019

The following quotes were culled from youtube videos.
Which one of the following is a person pretending to be a Fundamentalist Christian? Bonus if you know who said them!

1. I think that the Bible is the most scientifically accurate book in the entire world

2. Where in the Bible does it say God will heal amputees?... God never said he would and he doesn't. That aligns perfectly with my definition of God. Why SHOULD God heal amputees, he's the one who allowed you to lose your arm in the first place! Does God have a moral obligation to heal someone who has sinned against him? Absolutely not... So, why doesn't God heal amputees? Because they don't deserve their arms, we deserve to die, that's what the Bible teaches. 

3. You can't prove that God exists with a picture: he's invisible. But everything in the world is evidence of God's creation, simply because it's here. So the non-believers are the ones who have to provide evidence for their non beliefs. Confused? Well, keep watching and try not to think too hard: this stuff is actually very simple.

4. I eat bread and drink wine in order to remember starving people in the world. That aligns perfectly with my definition of Christian, so Mom and Dad and I would get together and eat ten different herbs, and eggs, and bitter herbs, and stuff like that as a remembrance of starving people. Through feasts, we remember certain things, and by eating bread, we remember the act of chewing, the breaking, and I don't have a moral obligation to feed all the fallen, sinful people. Absolutely not.

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