Thursday, November 17, 2011

Episode 032 tries to fly but plummets and has an e-cigarette after despite not being a smoker

Special Guest Jordan Clipston sitting in for Donna this week!
This Week: hh:mm:ss
00:00:30 Intro: Reason Rally and AA Convention in Washington D.C.
March 16-18, 2012, Texas Freethought Convention wants to
get a Texas charter bus going up.
00:04:10 Evolution of Flight
00:18:00 Why religious services are good for us
00:34:56 e-cigarettes and the FDA (despite none of us are smokers)
00:52:30 Holistic Chamber of Commerce
01:06:15 Lightning Round

Jordan's youtube channel
And the dogs gradually calm down after they realize they won't soon be evolving wings. Because they can't climb cave walls or hang from cave

Plus a special, kindly shout-out to anyone who posts on our facebook page or blog who gets Gary's crappy joke at 00:17:30 (guess who does the show

notes, eh?).
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1 comment:

  1. The main problem with trying to correlate health with church attendance is that sick people don't go to church. If aunt Ida dying of cancer or Alzheimers or some other disease she is unlikely to make it to church even if she is a true believer. This means that those theists who are healthy enough to go to church are overly representative in the population whose health was considered while their much sicker counterparts were not counted at all giving the illusion that church makes people healthier when, instead, the healthier are just more likely to exhibit regular church attendance.

    Religious people are also much more likely to ask for artificial life prolonging measures than their less religious counterparts. (I guess they aren't as eager to experience the after life as they profess.)This, too, would give the illusion that religiosity makes for longer lives.

    If there are any actual health benefits from religiosity, I would suspect it has to do with social support though I'm sure religionists would like to believe that it's because god exists and favors those who believe like they do.