Thursday, November 3, 2011

Episode 30 petitions the king for a horse, but gets a mule instead

Episode 030 - 02Nov2011
This Week: hh:mm:ss
00:01:00 Halloween
00:03:55 Updates on James Webb Space Telescope, Matt Dillahunty and Beth Presswood's wedding, Fracking in England, Homosexuals still can not donate

blood in US, more on the FLDS, Interview with Mason Crumpacker, Australian Dateline segment,
00:14:45 Supreme Court Rejects Hearing Utah Public Cross Case
00:23:41 White House Petition Responses
00:34:28 Legalize Marijuana? No.
00:54:30 Lightning Round
01:07:50 A bad Mozart Effect study for endoscopy

And the dogs join in on Wolfgang Amadeeus Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nacht Music" as performed by die Wiener Philharmoniker.

Interview with Mason Crumpacker

White House Petitions
NORML's response
Cycloptic Fish

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  1. Hey, all, thanks for another fine podcast.

    A few observations:

    Check out "The Reality Check" Podcast #159 for a skeptical look at the Hawthorn Effect. Check out that podcast anyway, because it is damn good.

    Regarding the mysterious head in the jungle, It sounds like an Olmec head, albeit an enormous one. I can't see anything mysterious about it from the limited information we have.


    Charles in San Diego

  2. Thanks for the tip Charles. I'll check out that podcast. 
    From Wikipedia "The most familiar aspect of the Olmecs is their artwork, particularly the aptly named colossal heads."  I guess we'll have to wait till the movie comes out to see why they think the obvious explanation is not the correct one.