Thursday, November 8, 2012

Episode 083 two hosts goof while Gerg plays at Skepticon

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00:00:00 unimportant blather over intro music
00:01:00 What are we talking about
Gregs at Skepticon follow him on twitter at mandogerg
00:06:30 Birthdays: Jack Kilby and Bram Stoker
00:11:30 Vampires rant
00:15:00 Dikikas Baby Salaam and some anatomy lessons
00:31:00 Action comics and Neil de Grasse Tyson
00:32:50 Another Bigfoot search this one trying to get a dirigible
00:42:45 Vigilantes in Cairo protect women
00:50:55 Former NASA employee loses religious discrimination lawsuit

Gregs at Skepticon follow him on twitter at mandogerg

And Calli and Maese enjoy having someone over after weeks of wondering what they did to chase everyone they chase each other.

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And it's briefly back: the Big Board! Though it's not particularly relevant.

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