Monday, January 14, 2013

Episode 92: Nurse Janine and Gary Skype positively thinking there would be no issues

Sorry for the delay: there were some techie things that Gary avoided dealing with, exclaiming loudly and unbelievably that he "was enjoying himself", leaving Greg to struggle with unanticipated hardships.
Gary will now apologize, won't you Gary? Gary?! Dammit!

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00:00 Credits, introductions, how was your week

02:24 Skeptical Birthday

11:45 The power of positive thinking

29:16 Garys Airplane Story

30:30 The Flu Vaccines No coughing edited out

54:14 Lightning Round!!!

Harpo, Calli, and Maese are oddly quiet …too quiet!

We are sorry about the long delay in releasing this episode. Gary will be back in town next week, so then we will have no technical


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"What I Did On My Pre-Semester Vacation" by Gary Laun


  1. I'm trying to figure out why it's showing as an 8 hr and 12 min episode on my itunes feed....

  2. It's simple: I made some mistakes when updating the RSS feed file. Gary has corrected it and you can re-download the file if it bothers you (like I did). Sorry folks!

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