Friday, January 4, 2013

Episode 091 Food Song Challenge sings its way through not paying for birth control, space news, and Gary's gloating

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00:07:00 Birthdays...three of em
00:21:15 Original Dominos founder given a reprieve on paying for birth
00:28:20 Global warming may cause more geological events
00:33:30 Picture of a planet being formed
00:36:30 NASA stuff Martian Rose, asteroids , etc
Song Challenge
00:46:15 Song Challenge
00:48:45 Garys Song Mr. Creosote
00:57:15 Gregs Song Junk Food Junkie

And Harpo yowls unheard while Calli and Maese vie for their spot on the couch.

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Mr Creosote Lyrics
Mr. Creosote is better today
He has a bucketlist of things to do
Jugged hare with sauce, truffles, and Grand Marnier
And little that he has to chew

We all eat a little too much sometimes
But we must know when to stop

Mr. Creosote is finished with his bucket of food
Made with extra pate and the quail eggs on top
6 bottles of champagne six cases of beer
It's surprising he didnt stop
The waiter brings the after dinner mint
Surely kind sir wont pass it up
Just one more bite and the waffer thin mint is gone
While the other patrons throw up

Nick Wood once ate a washingbowl of porridge
Nine loaves of bread and three jugs of beer at one time
Jack Biggers tried to eat six pounds of bacon
Greens, and dumplings, bread, and a gallon of beer

Mr. Creosote thought he had it down with
Just half of his expected drink
But somethings happening inside of him
L Elegent is about to stink
A deep rumbling and expanding waist
In spite of that last ala mode
Jack Biggers maybe went the same way
Mr. Creosote is going to explode

Junk Food Junkie Lyrics

When it comes to food
I am always in the mood
My mind wants to munch
More than supper, or brunch
My will it wont say no
To a snack on the go
Picnic or potluck
Iam a slave to my stomach
More than meal routine
My brain wants dopamine.
Give it all to me
Ill always be a junk food junky.

Deep in my soul
I crave snacks in bowls
I sway and I swoon
For goodies on my spoon
My heart goes tock-tick
For carbs on a stick
I am just one more dork
When foods on my fork
When it comes to weight
I dont think straight
Hands, knife, or sporky
Ill always be a junk food junky.

Any way you serve it
My craving wont quit.
The fat hits the spot
Past cranial thought
Make it hot or bitter
My mouth posts on twitter
From bland up to savory
It all appeals to me.
No matter the cuisine
I take it fat and lean
Salty, sweet, chunky
I’ll always be a junk food junky.

Instrumental: My favorite Things

I am tempted to go nuts
For muffins or doughnuts
Id quit or play hooky
For candy or a cookie
Id turn on my fellow
For gummies or jello
Id even cancel Firefly
For ice cream or some pie
When I want to feed
Thats a dangerous need
Thats why I skipped whiskey
Ill always be … a junky

[ want more?! No! No pictures this week. Meh! Meeeeeeh!]

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