Thursday, June 6, 2013

Episode 113 works outside the humanist ideals of Choprawoo

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00:00 Credits, intro, hepcats, Now You See Me movie
04:30 Birthday and a passing
13:30 popular media hosts Stephen Fry and Deepak Chopra
(the name of the program of Stephen Fry travelling through America is: Stephen Fry In America... it's on the youtubes )

22:50 VERY brief AHA2013 and United CoR conference and meeting
28:30 Humanist curriculum

31:25 Secular Psychology
40:50 Pew Social Trends Research finds more women are bread winners
1:11:40 Lightning Round

And Harpo does leaves bits of torn fabric around the living room while Calli and Maese look into vivisectioning of critters.

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And here is a small picture of a large basket

1 comment:

  1. I also cringed when I heard Chopra on "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" also.

    I confess, I did try to use aromatherapy on nineteen year old daughter. She is a college student and was very grumpy when she woke up at the crack of noon to write a paper for college finals. So I cut a very nicely scented rose from the garden make her feel better with its scent, and beauty (Don Juan climber).

    The subjective is that she is slightly less grumpy.