Thursday, July 18, 2013

Episode 119 Indulges in The Amazing Meeting while tweeting about the View

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06:15 Birthday and reality TV discussion
11:50 Webshite for Web Of Trust plus a brief relapse into the previous WOT
21:20 TAM Recap by Greg Meeting folk
28:15 Some of the changes this year
34:40 Some of the talks
48:45 6 types of atheists and branding (the marketing kind)
1:15:15 Tweeting for less purgatory
1:16:15 Jenny McCarthy on The View Donna is not happy
1:20:13 Garys Summary
1:22:00 Next song challenge love song for our NSA stalkers

And Harpo is happy to indulge us all with her views.

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And here is a video of a semiconductor on a magnetic Mobius strip

1 comment:

  1. I have just downloaded it, and seeing the title all I can say: I am very jealous.

    I really really wanted to go this TAM, but I could not for various reasons.

    I did go to TAM9 where I took one of your cards directing me to this podcast. I tried to comfort myself by remembering a few things like:

    1: my constant intestinal woes due to the water and food

    2: the very noisy hotel air conditioning that prevented sleep

    3: the roommate I got from the JREF forum who never paid her share (though she only slept there one night)

    But still, those were minor to me missing it this year. I am jealous, so this had better be a good podcast. So there, ;-)