Thursday, July 11, 2013

Episode 118 Song Challenge! "In America You Have the Right to be Stupid"

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02:00 Vegas and Weddings
05:00 Birthdays
08:15 Hemant Mehta speaks in San Antonio
20:00 American Atheists unveil monument in Florida
35:50 Ray Comfort has a new quote mine video
46:24 Song Challenge
48:55 Gregs Song
1:03:45 Garys Song

And Calli and Maese eat at you...mmmm dog food again and SOMEthing is outside woohoo

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Gregs Song Lyrics
It’s on TV; cell phones mutate your sperm.
Naturopaths know; cancer is caused by a worm.
They have the proof; sweet and low rots your brain.
Papers all print; gators swim round the drain.
I believe every plot that you eschew.
Thats what I believe;
Thats what I believe and you should too!

Preachers do preach; earths six thousand years old.
Fruit and flagella; are divinely controlled.
Life’s too complex; Darwin got it all wrong.
Science Expelled; those who knew it all along.
I believe fossils are the devils clue.
Thats what I believe;
Thats what I believe and you should too!

Teacher says I; dont need punctuation,
Differentiation; above my station.
The boss has me; sweep and wax the floors
We dont need no; fancy grammar no more.
I believe Ill cliff Taming Of The Shrew.
Thats what I believe;
Thats what I believe and you should too

From sea to shining sea, across the plains, fruited.
In America you have the right, to be stupid.
Sit around the house, though your belts busting.
Don’t ask out the redhead, for whom you are lusting.
Ignore your asthma; go adopt a dog.
Move to Texas; don’t do football or god
Broadcast a podcast, another in the din.
Put down that guitar; pick the mandolin…
In America I have the right, to be stupid.

I think Ill put; down that metaphor.
What am I singing; this stupid song for
You can believe; and I can be a fool.
But our beliefs; should not rule the school.
I believe reality is a virtue.
Thats what I believe; Thats what I believe;
Thats what I believe and you should too!

Garys Song Lyrics
In America you have the right to be stupid
You have the right to be embarrassed for the things you may have said
In America you can pay too much for coffee
Fill the gap with sweet'n'low rot your teeth right in your head
Not every coincidence has a lesson
Not every rainbow has a pot of gold

In America you can talk like Christopher Walken
And your punctuation differentiation keeps your family from being food
Let's eat Grandma, Let's eat, Grandma
The Donner party should have paid more attention back in school
Not every salad needs a dressing
But before you beat a dead horse again you should put down that metaphor

Dumb dumb dumb dumb
In America you have the right to be stupid

In America you have the right to be stupid
You have the right to air your grievances with what other people do
In America you have the right to be complacent
You can sit at home, complain and moan, let life come to you
Not every blinking light is a UFO
Not every crime hides a conspiracy

Dumb dumb dumb dumb
In America you have the right to be stupid


  1. Isn't doesn't help that as I was making dinner while listening to this the doorbell rang, and a knock.

    I am not happy, and it is a guy wearing a big cross and holding a bible. I asked him is this an emergency? And he said yes. Then I asked him did he read the sign next to the doorbell.

    Not only does it say "No Solicitors", it also contains the dictionary definition "1. One that solicits, especially one that seeks trade or contributions." Followed by "This includes political, charitable and religious organizations, or anyone who wants my signature, time and money."

    I don't understand why they are surprised when I point to the sign telling them to read it, and then close the door. I put it up as a warning that I will not be happy.

    1. Aagh, I forgot. After that incident I thought of an appropriate response to him claiming it was really an emergency. There is a phone with a long cord near the front door. I should have tossed him the receiver and told him I was dialing 911 so he could tell the police where the accident he was reporting was occurring.

  2. I have wondered if having a "No Soliciting" sign would work: pretty sure in my neighborhood I'd have the same result as you. Though it might keep the pamphleteers away. My guess is the proselytizers simply can't be bothered to think that they're message is less important than a warning. And they get the side benefit of being righteously offended by the lack of courtesy, in spite of the warnings.

    1. I am thinking of adding another warning:

      "Beware of homeowner who yells at people who claim they are not solicitors (or do not understand the definition below). At any time between 4 and 7pm she may actually be using a very sharp knife."

      By the way, I did see a political solicitor read the sign and then leave. So it cuts out the more intelligent solicitors.