Friday, May 16, 2014

Episode 162 Opens The Vault In An Emergency

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Gary and Greg LIVE July 20th, 2012

00:00    Intro
02:53    Silver (No Greg)
06:57    Disasterly Fascination (No Greg)
12:32    SSDD
16:25    One For Now
21:01    My Pet Bigfoot
25:50    Prosperity Preacher
30:38    Valentine's Day
36:00    Liberty
40:37    (SET BREAK)
41:56    Mr Reverend John Martin
45:46    Dear Prudence
50:16    My Baby Is A Scientist
54:39    Friday I'm In Love/Friday
59:12    It's All You
63:22    Seasonal Party
67:49    Shady Grove
73:28    The Argument
80:13    Feel The Way I Do

Harpo want's to join the band. She plays the keytar. 

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