Thursday, September 8, 2011

Episode 022 thinks that anniversaries are important

Download it directly here or get it on iTunes This week: 01:00 Intro: - TX burns - Shoutout to Eric for his review, - Emily Davis- freethinking musician, - Updates TX Sonogram, Warren Jeffs 09:05 9-11 Remembered a wandering discussion 10:24 Truthers in the Pub 14:00 The buildings 18:21 Why the conspiracy? 24:40 WC 7 (building 7) 27:49 Pentagon 31:10 Who are the truthers 35:35 Religious effects 47:00 Memorial Service 53:49 Where were you? 60:29 Lightning Round for a good resource on 9-11 Myths, read Popular Mechanics' "Debunking 9-11 Myths" And the dogs feel inclined to chime in at least once, though they had yet to have been concieved in 2001. Follow on twitter: @theskepticwire Write us at: Leave us a voice message through the iPhone PodPoster app (coming to Android soon?) Friend us on Facebook Subscribe on iTunes ...leave a review, if you are so inclined! The big board:

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