Thursday, September 1, 2011

Episode 021 is drinking age and LIVE! With absolutely no overdubs whatsoever

...maybe a little bit of editing, though.

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This week:

Live recording in front a group of skeptics! Our first live recording, as our podcast hits #21 and has a beers [sic].
Oh, lawzzy it's a long'un!

1:36 - Homeopathy in the HEB (grocery store to you non-Southerners) plus a personal anecdote
00:06:12 - Greg's brother gets a PhD
00:07:23 - Hurricane Irene and a Bachmann self Poe
00:09:38 - Update on Warren Jeffs
00:12:55 - Update on Doctor James Corbett

Long Topics:
00:18:40 - Indiana students, racy photos, and the right to have a life outside of school
00:25:46 - Vaccines and autism: no link. Again.
00:41:01 - Right to Die case
00:53:35 - Soyuz and ISS and NASA

01:00:20 SA Holistic Chamber of Commerce - Kagan Water

01:11:35 Lightning Round (ends with a rant by Greg on the new placenta-as-food fad from 1:27:00)

1:33:20 Q&A: Is bisexualilty the only sex, with other sexual identities being merely social constructs

1:47:35 Outtakes

And because we were away from the studio: no dog inturruptions, but we did have a fallen cup incident. Bad cup!

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