Thursday, September 29, 2011

Episode 025 was edited so fast that it was uploaded before it finished recording

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EXTRA: Poe's Corner (not available on iTunes)

This Week: (hh:mm:ss)
01:30 Texas Freethought Convention Oct 7-9n 2011, Live recording at TFC, petition, shoutout to Donna's

sister-in-law (ish), UARS update
7:58 Speedy neutrinos
23:33 Schroedinger's Cat redux
36:12 55%, 33%, 7% and Left and Right Brain training myths
46:38 Aborigine Genome Sequenced
91:05 Holistic Chamber of Commerce
96:18 Lightning Round
EXTRA:  this weeks Poe's Corner, which was cut for time. It's worth your time.

...and Gary spends most of the podcast keeping/stopping Calliope from needfully greeting the Skepticwirians, pawing the mic stands, or licking...everything. For a very difficult drinking game: drink everytime you hear Gary snap, clap, or stage whisper "tshh!". [And Gary's long topic is what happens when he doesn't stinkin' prepare!]

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The Big Board (and actually, it was Sept 28th...just saying):


  1. That "September 30th" thin was entirely my fault. On the other hand no one corrected me...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. But check out my awesome edit in the podcast! It's not even noticeable when I "correct" David, who blithely ignores my correction, because I over-dubbed the correct date while editing. Yes, folks: we're like modern "live" rock recordings where we fix bad notes: "It was the perfect performance, except where I hit the wrong notes here, here, here and here. And can we replace the solo? How about the entire section after the solo where I was playing a half-step down? And let's remove that song from the set. Can we green screen me into the video?"

  4. Yes, but can we Autotune the dogs?