Thursday, October 13, 2011

Episode 027 can hear perfectly well, thank you very much

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This Week: hh:mm:ss
04:24 Gary and Greg perform "Mr. Reverend John Martin"
09:30 Holistic Chamber of Commerce Houston-style "Body Talk"
20:20 Value Voter Summit and "Family" discussion
34:20 Talks at the conference
45:00-ish morph into a discussion of debating religion
54:00 Atheist and music: Tim Minchin and Susan Werner
56:00 Hitchens' talk
60:14 Mr. Reverend John Martin pre-release demo

Very special thanks to Jason Huey, Gary Clemons-Gibbon, John Clark, Kenneth Bower, John Griffin, Jeff Nichanen for joining

the discussion and everyone else who joined us: and I apologize for mis-spelling your name (which I didn't do, because you

all agreed to change your name to whatever spelling/ prnounciation I chose)!

Freethought Forum Knoxville youtube channel: finitist
Checkout the new podcast out of Austin "godless bitches"

And the dogs enjoy themselves elsewhere, having no input to or at, the procedings.

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Calliope is unamused at being left out of the convention

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