Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Poe's Corner - Episode 026

This week's Poe's Corner theme is cheese!  
Yes, cheese., here we go.

#1  No Cheese Laced with Nails in Chicago Area Dog Parks
Chicago area dog owners might be alarmed by the possibility of nail-laced cheese cubes at dog parks—but there's no need to be.
The Facebook-based thread warns “New trend at dog parks, nails in pieces of cheese, if you take your dogs to dog parks, be careful.” The warning is accompanied by a photo of a person's palm filled with cubes of cheese with what appears to be nails embedded.
The picture comes from a July 2011 report of similarly spiked treats found in a kennel near a public park in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Snopes reports. A dog walker there found the treats on the floor of a kennel. There were no reports of animals being harmed…

#2  Dyson Cheese Grater the Next Revolution
Now the mighty intellect that is Dyson is looking at ways to improve the lives of people in kitchens. The new Dyson Cheese Grater looks nothing like any cheese grater that has gone before it, but promises to be the most radical kitchen invention since the electric tin opener (which Dyson will be looking at next).
"The main problem with cheese graters as they stand," said Dyson, "is that they are bloody dangerous. You try grating anything other than very soft cheddar and you're looking at taking at least some skin off your fingers. Parmesan? Carrots? No chance. You'd be better off putting a pair of chain mail gloves on before you start."

#3  Say (cottage) cheese and smile
Call it the cottage cheese revolution. The protest movement that has convulsed Israel these past few months began with a Facebook campaign to lower the price of the white stuff. Furious at being overcharged, Israelis stopped buying this staple of the national diet - forcing the dairy companies to slash the price.
The tent protests that pitched first on Rothschild Boulevard and spread - bringing together young and old, religious and secular in a unity usually felt only in wartime - culminated in a Saturday-night demonstration of some 460,000 people. The number is staggering: seven per cent of the entire Israeli population, equivalent to bringing 4.2m people on to the streets of Britain. 
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