Thursday, October 27, 2011

Episode 029 is nearly dressed for Halloween but keeps changing its costume

This Week: hh:mm:ss
00:01:57 Lawsuit vs San Antonio mayor
00:03:30 FLDS update

00:10:15 "Natural" medicine drug interactions:19 Texas license plate offering not legal?
00:16:00 Fracking and earthquakes
00:26:13 Poe's Corner
00:36:02 Yoga versus stretching
00:45:00 Global warming study again shows it's real
00:59:45 Lightning Round
01:13:32 A scaaaaaary Halloween story!
And the dogs search for ghosts using high tech equipment like an ammeters and a MiniDisc recorder. And a hot dog. Did you kn
ow ghosts are attracted

to hot dogs? Go figure.

Brian Dunning's on fracking:

Global warming speech referred to in the 'cast:

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The Big Board

Look at all the spirit orbs. OooOOOOooooh!

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