Thursday, April 19, 2012

Episode 054 asthmatically runs for office after it surreptitiously gets tested for HIV

This Week

00:01:00 "Pat Tillmans" workout and playing drums
00:05:41 Birthday: Clarence Darrow
00:15:51 Gail Spurlock Texas SBOE candidate and...worrisome thinker
Gails vetting video:
00:25:48 The interesting quotes by Gail Spurlock
00:41:15 Indiana passes a law allowing nonconsentual HIV testing
00:52:31 Kids, asthma, and CAM
01:06:00 Lightning Round search for melting-glaciers-liberate-ancient-microbes

And the dogs once again snore their way through a perfectly good couple of hours, chasing cats and possum and butterflies in their doggy dreams.

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