Sunday, April 1, 2012

My thoughts: Reason Rally

I'm finally getting around to writing up my take on the Reason Rally. See, I attempted to have a life while I was in the DC area so I was unavailable for the recording of last week's Skeptic Wire podcast. For the record, I did have a life. It was nice to get away from the day job and spend some much needed time with my sister.

Reason Rally was pretty amazing. This is not my first rally/convention/gathering but it was by far the most energetic. And I'll echo what most everyone else said: it was a young crowd. Despite the rain, everyone was happy and ready for each speaker/act. Jamie Killstein killed the crowd with his irreverent humor and Bad Religion rocked it like they were still in their 20s. Additionally Shelly Segal (I hope I spelled that right) was just beautiful and kind. Jessica Ahlquist was awarded her scholarship (+$60,000) for standing up for our constitution. Despite being a teenager, she held her stand with poise and conviction. She also didn't hesitate or stutter during her remarks. And Jamilla Bey!

The day was not without its low points. The rain was definitely a low point. I think it took me a good two days to finally feel dry again. And there were some asshats in the crowd who felt that the semi crowded quarters meant that it was okay to grab my ass. I know this happens in any large crowd and while I don't hold it against the atheist community, I did hate that it happened.

But I got to see old friends (Looking at you Karen, and Richard and Jeorgia and Gary and of course, David!). Got to meet Thinking Atheist and Nate Phelps. Speaking of Nate Phelps, he gave one of the more uplifting and powerful speeches I heard. This is a man who left his entire family behind because he couldn't stand their radical religious adherence. In case you are not familiar, Nate Phelps is the son of Rev. Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church-God hates f@gs.Thank God for IEDs fame.

And hey, I got my boobs signed by Dr. Darrel Ray... I'm currently reading his book Sex and God! It is a book that the anthropologist in me, absolutely adores and finds incredibly sexy.

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