Friday, April 27, 2012

Episode 055 has Teacher Mike es'plain about the US' current administration's education initiative

This Week:
00:01:35 Birthday 
00:08:00 Former Texas SBOE Chairman Don McLeroy on Colbert
00:15:00ish SBOE has changed the standards and diminished important concepts in History
00:18:00 Common Core State Standards
00:20:45 Teacher Mike talks on education and the Obama plans
00:48:00 Shoddy Forensics versus reality
01:05:55 Lightning Round
Gary: Light touching increases chance of getting a date
Donna: McVitties makes Lickable wallpaper
Greg: Brain freeze figured out
Gary: Doctor claims to have found evidence of the G-Spot in the cadaver of an 83 year old woman
Donna: Science makes a sonic screwdriver
Greg: Vermont discusses allowing non-vaccinated kids to go to school

Gary: Anatomic existence of the elusive G-spot confirmed

And the dogs have some sort Fiesta event going on but we weren't invited. I wonder if they had to purchase tickets to eat? Certainly not from me.

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