Friday, August 3, 2012

Episode 069 slowly reveals itself using shadows to enhance the moment

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00:04:48 Birthday
00:12:45 Curiosity gets to Mars on Sunday at 10:30PM Pacific Daylight Time
Seven Minutes of Terror
Watch it on NASA
00:16:45 WOT Website of the Week:
get the plugin here:
rate as you see it (we dislike this one):
00:21:28 Gore Vidal dies
00:24:00 Olympic athlete sexual objectification
Zoe Smith, weightlifter, calls out the trolls
00:32:00 People view men as whole and women as parts
00:39:28 Ancient sex in Africa
00:51:05 Sex before sports does not hurt sports performance
00:59:35 Lightning Round
01:09:00 Algebra should not be taught in school
CDC Vaccine link

And the dogs do their best to match feats of past canine Olympiads, but are unable to match the record for Times Gone Through the Dog Door While Recording. Maybe next week.

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