Friday, August 31, 2012

Episode 073: Sings it's way through summery news

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00:04:15 Birthdays: friend of the show Richard and Roger Scott Jackson
00:08:55 WOT's all this, then, of the week: should get a good rating
00:10:15 Blue moon is Friday 31August
(Correction: Buzz Aldrin's book is "Men From Earth")
00:13:40 Neil Armstrong dies
00:19:00 Another WOT's all this, then this one a rate down
00:31:00 Older dads have greater chance of having autistic children
00:39:55 American Academy of Pediatrics says circumcision has benefits
00:52:55 Smart meters causing problems with some home owners
01:07:00 August Song Challenge: Summer Anthem
01:08:16 Gary's Song "Summertime Is Here"
01:12:00 Song Discussion
01:17:36 Greg's Song "Its Summertime"
01:21:45 Song Discussion

And Harpo pokes her nose where it shouldn't go while training for the next olympics.

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No Big Board, but here are the lyrics for the songs:

Gary's Song "Summertime is here"

Buzzin round in the summer time
Sun is shining and the feeling's right
Hanging out until the sun gets low
Dusk to dawn, get to the party, and go go go

Synchronicity an angel's wings beat in time with me
That sacred nectar's good for guys but for the ladies, they phlebotomize

Hanging out with Anopheles 1 of 3 known to spread nasty cruel disease
Add in Culex and Aedes every one can cause encephalitis
And when we're looking for a good time we're searching out the sweet smell of carbon dioxide
Those drinking by the fire side can be sure to attract a female's hungry compound eyes

Synchronicity an angel's wings beat in time with me
That sacred nectar's good for guys but for the ladies, they phlebotomize

Summer time is here
Dengue, yellow, west nile virus, malaria(-er)
Summer time is here
Off we go your summer foe is near

Flitting 'round all those summer shirts
beating wings at three hundred plus hertz
Applying DEET keeps all the girls at bay
And picaridin works just as well they say
Black light protection doesn't do as good
even when surrounded by stagnant pools and wood
Ultra-sonics are just a joke
and won't do much to stop my girls proboscis poke

It’s Summertime!
If one thing doesn’t kill you
Then another thing will.

The top’s down, your helmet’s off
Weaving, racing down the lane
Cause when the sun is shining
Crashing’s not on your brain
The sky dive won’t be what kills you
It’s the beers while driving your boat.
One of these sunny dog days
The odds are gonna get your goat.

It’s Summertime!
If an engine doesn’t kill you
Then water sports will.

Wait an hour like mom told you
But you're still cramping in the pool
Or a shark bites your ass
While you chumming for the school
You’re the life of the party
Diving’ drunk from the platform.
As you fall on your head
The risks don’t take a brainstorm

(‘Cause) It’s Summertime!
If the water doesn’t kill you
Then fire will

Baking all day in the sun
You come down dizzy and sick.
Fooling ‘round with rockets
Of course you blew off your prick.
You’re toasted at the barbeque
To bad you pass out in the fire
I don’t think those just desserts
Were the stakes that you desired.

(For this) Summertime!


It’s Summertime!
If the fire doesn’t kill you
Then statistics will.

Cause the odds are against you
Our brains can’t do the math
‘Bout those risks you take
That put you in fate’s path.
So take it from the skeptics
Be careful around this summer
You might not make it to winter
Your funeral would be a bummer.

It’s Summertime!
If the summer doesn’t kill you
Then the wintertime will.

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