Friday, August 17, 2012

Episode 071 is all up in your grill burning your cheerios

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00:02:30 Donna Does Vegas
00:07:45 Birthday Usai Mikao
00:14:00 Dr. Tenpenny dislikes vaccines


00:23:20 Religious people vs doctors in end of life decisions
00:38:50 GM fiery protestor has heart attack
00:42:15 The Air Conditioning kicks on
00:43:05 New human species
01:00:20 Lightning Round

And Harpo gets really upset about osteopathy while Calli and Maese have the week off.

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No Big Board this week so here is a picture of a polar bear in white out conditions surrounded by white wolves, a the White Witch, Steve Jobs' iphone, and Eric Estrada's teeth.

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