Friday, September 14, 2012

Episode 075 travels to exotic locations and lets them all know "THAT isn't the way it's done in the US"

....and then rightfully gets charged double the price for douche-baggery.

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00:03:00 Birthday Guillaume Le Gentil
00:14:00 Car wash-prostitution ring busted
00:17:15 Libya and the very bad film
00:25:00 Indian Cartoonist Praveen Triveti released from jail
00:36:00 No right to wear crosses at work in Britain
00:45:54 Richard III bones found in England...maybe
00:51:45 Polands new exorcism magazine
00:58:50 Manta ray gills used as non traditional Chinese medicine
01:02:00 New song challenge concept: Due Oct 24, mention United Nations Day, Hitchcock, splanchnocranium
01:05:00 Lightning Round
01:13:00 Acoustic guitars being modelled and studied to find the best shape

And Harpo makes known the fact that her chew toy is well chewed and no longer viable for use as her entertainment.

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And because Greg doesn't yet have a Big Board, here is a picture of a whisk.

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