Friday, September 21, 2012

Episode 076 gets a shout out, gives a shout out, and generally talks talkily about talking points

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00:05:20 Birthday Fritz Schadinn
00:13:55 Web of Trust versus
00:24:00 Was Jesus married
00:36:45 Dr. Pepper vs. Creationists
00:40:40 Blasphemy all over the place
00:58:30 Lightning Round
01:07:00 Skeptic Wire discusses being skeptical pin-ups
01:11:00 Help Donna replace her film stuff (theyre only asking for 2k)

And Harrrrrpo fastens the battens, trims the mains'l, and generally pirrrates like only a sea dog can.

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As there is no Big Board, here is a picture of a box of puppies.

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