Friday, September 7, 2012

Episode 074: Loses weight, loses it's mind, and generally just loses it

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00:02:15 Birthday Werner Erhard
00:12:35 Deaths: Sun Young Moon and Michael Clark Duncan
00:20:00 Greg gets a facebook letter meme wrong
00:28:25 Where we lose it
00:35:00 Diet and health
00:50:00 Organic foods are not any more nutritious than non-organics in which we miss an important point: organic does not mean no pesticides, it merely means that only so-called natural pesticides will be used on the food
01:00:00 Obese rats have brain plaque causing dementia

And Harpo throws the chew toy in the air in hopes of braining one of the humans.

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No big board at Greg's, yet, so here is a picture of an onion.

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