Saturday, December 1, 2012

Episode 086 samples Bigfoot bagles, ices a drink from Mercury ice, and wears RFID Marks of the beast

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00:10:25 Birthday
00:16:25 NASAs non announcement about Mars and a real announcement about Mercury
00:24:00 Bigfoots afoot get their DNA figured out
00:39:40 Facebook memes stop it
Sour sop graviola fruit and cancer  plus the privacy and copyright notice
00:53:30 Mark of the beast in our high schools RFID IDs
01:09:00 Lightning Round
01:16:00 Peer pressuring Greg

And Harpo gets upset at the peer pressure Gary And Donna give Greg to drink.

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Still no big board so here a rare picture of "Chet Hanson, Adult Film Star"


  1. And huge kudos to Greg for doing the primary editing on this week's podcast! It was his first: be gentle...although he did wet his toes with his interviews so it's not like he wasn't already experimenting. This post got a little creepy, didn't? It did. Apologies.

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