Friday, December 14, 2012

Episode 088 goes gift shopping for Piltdown Man: the guy who had everything

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00:03:00 Intro stuffs
Donna wins an award, but you cannot see the short film... yet
00:05:45 Birthday
00:09:00 American Atheists have a new billboard and Dave Silverman on OReilly
00:13:30 Facebook comments
00:17:40 A horrible segue into shopping
The article that prompted it:
00:19:50 Shopping and psychology up first is smells
00:27:45 Product placement and haggling
00:43:40 Pricing and emotional appeals
00:56:45 Who perpetrated the Piltdown man hoax

And Harpo just wants to go out and BUY SOMETHING THERE ARE SALES ON LETs GO

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And here is a picture of green...soothing, no?

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  1. I listened to the Amateur Skeptic podcast, and they did mention that Adam and Eve does sponsor another podcast: