Friday, December 7, 2012

Episode 087 repairs itself but not really while roboticaslly surfing the ocean

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00:03:00 Donnas 46 Hour Film Experience Mostly Donnas though
00:06:30 A Mean Birthday
00:20:35 Listener mail
00:27:00 WOT via Robert P
00:40:45 Liquid Robotics achieves world record for autonomous vehicle distance
Correction: the desert autonomous vehicle track is 150 miles
00:47:00 Greg gets mad about gay reversion therapy opinion
01:10:00 Lindsay Lohan hits a psychic and Gary leanrs that the word gypsy is racist
01:19:17 Lightning Round
01:24:20 Announcements

And Harpo does her best impersonation of an attention hound

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