Thursday, June 9, 2011

Episode 009 makes a small nest in a 1943 Ford engine block

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This week:
Intro things
- Dan Savage vs. Jen McCreight
- R.I.P. Jack Kevorkian
Lightning Round
- KKK vs Westboro Baptist
- Autism App
- Mike Adams
- Dr. Sears' anti-vax removed
- Catholic church and homopathy
- Dolphins kill porpoises
- Photons created from nothing
Greg's surprise segment: Poe's Corner (see earlier post!)

Texas things:
- Medina Prayer
- Perry exhorts other Governors to pray
- "Psychic" gets it wrong
- No low pants on Ft Worth Buses

And the dogs execute a well-orchestrated performance art where-in they eat food at us and bark.

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