Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Podcast Segment - "Poe's Corner"

In the recording session for Episode 009 I surprise the guys (Donna couldn't be there) with a new segment for the podcast. I called it "Poe's Corner" as a reference to Poe's Law. There are three quotes from one kind of "woo" and the other members of the Skeptic Wire Team (tm) had to guess which one I completely made up. This time I choose "Crystal Healing."

Here are the three quotes I used for Episode 009. See if you can spot the poe! (No google cheating).

1. Musician, crystal practitioner, and author of “The Song In Your Mind” Alvin Davis summarizes:

Physicists have proven that all matter is energy and all energy is matter. The universe is constantly in motion, vibrating to the song of life. From its infancy the human race has instinctively known about the healing power of music and song. All religions include music in their rituals and religions: from tribal drumming to the hymns of the saints. Unfortunately in our modern world we are surrounded by a discordant symphony of artificial noise. This has caused humanity to lose touch with our balance with the natural vibrations of the universe. Not all modern discoveries have been destructive though. Physical science has used crystals in order to focus energy and vibrations to bring us news and music from around the world. The next step is to use metaphysical science to bring the healing power of music to our lives. Think about that toe-tapping song that gets you up in the morning or the ballad that gets you through the tough times. Don’t you wish you could carry that song around with you all day long? With our Song Crystal technique you can. Starting with the proven mystical attributes of certain stones and crystals you too can tune crystals to specific frequencies allowing you to bring you and your loved ones back into harmony with the universe.

2. Diane Stein, an energy worker and Reiki Master makes the following observation in her book, Healing with Gemstones and Crystals:

A network of crystal and gemstone energy intersects the Earth. At ground
level this network is formed of the ley lines, the planet’s acupuncture
map. Beyond the Earth’s body and mirrored in the human mental body aura is
the universal grid. This is formed by crystal and gemstone energy
radiating from the planet and the galaxy and also is incorporated into human
energy. The grid contains our individual minds and the Collective Mind of
society, as well as access to the Universal Mind of the all-creative Void.
The grid is the interface between our auras and that of the Earth and the

The little crystals and colored gemstones in our pockets and jewelry do more for us than we know, and their energy is increasing in usefulness as time goes on. We are becoming much more than people can ever remember being before; we are becoming the Be-ings of Light, energy, and information, what was our original heritage. Human twelve-strand DNA contains the genetic keys of all life in the universe which is a Living Library. That library is being repaired, healed, and reactivated, and returned to us primarily by way of gemstones and crystals.

3. Dr. Richard Gerber states in his book “Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves”.

An individual's ability to connect with his or her Higher Self is partly a function of specialized energy links within the crystalline network of the physical body. This crystalline network helps to coordinate the energetic structures of the higher subtle bodies with the consciousness of the physical personality. Gurudas brings out new and important information that may explain certain aspects of right-hemispheric functioning and psi abilities. Psychic abilities are mediated by special biocrystalline and energetic pathways through which the Higher Self may interact with the consciousness of the physical personality. One particular crystalline structure that is important to our psychic receptivity is the pineal gland and, more specifically, the pineal calcification: a crystal that lies in the center of the brain.

(PS: I have realized that in the future, for the sake of time, I will have to use shorter quotes.)

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