Thursday, July 7, 2011

Episode 013's Poe's Corner

This week's Poe's corner brings us back to the original meaning of "Poe's Law." When dealing with satire, can you tell the difference between it and the real thing? Will Ferrel is pretty well known for his SNL George W Bush impression. So this week we have some lines from both Ferrel and "W." Some quotes are from George W Bush’s biography “Decision Points”, the others are from Will Ferrel’s one man show “You're Welcome, America.” Which are Poe?

  1. “The scene went into slow motion. I felt like Ted Williams, who said he could see the stitching of a baseball on an incoming pitch. The wingtip was helicoptering toward me. I ducked. The guy had a pretty live arm”

  2. “Secret Service has to do anything I want. For instance, if I'm at a Reba McEntire concert and I'm too tired to walk back to the car, Secret Service has to, by law, carry me piggyback back to the parking lot."

  3. "Barney spotted our neighbor’s lawn, where he promptly took care of his business. There I was, the former president of the United States, with a plastic bag on my hand, picking up that which I had been dodging for the past eight years."

  4. "Don't get mad at me. I'm just benefiting from the system that's already in place. It's one of the many perks, if you will."

  5. "On television, when Kanye West said I hate black people. I don't hate black people. I never even think about them."

  6. “I saw Gore heading toward me. He is a big man, and his presence filled my space quickly. Was the vice president about to deliver a chest bump? A forearm shiver?”

  7. “I stood up, walked toward Bullock, and said, "If you are going to fuck me, you better give me a kiss first. I playfully hugged him, but he wriggled away and charged out of the room.”

  8. "On John McCain: I didn't campaign for him, in part because I was busy with the economic situation, but mostly because he didn't ask."

  9. "You know, one of my legacies as President I'm most proud of is my great love of reading."

  10. "I received a bachelor in History and my nickname was Gin & Tonic. While at Yale I was a member of a secret society called Skull & Bones, which I used to call Skull & Boners."

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