Thursday, July 14, 2011

Episode 014 wants to go to the dance, too

This Week:
- Greg at TAM8
- Texas teen Shree Bose wins Google's Science competition
- Kate Hudson's baby prediction failed
- Texas Marine Sgt Scott Moore gets a date with Milka Kuniz
- James Webb Space Telescope may be defunded
- New member of SA Holiste4ic Chamber of Commerce: Subtle Energy
Scientologist Squirrel Hunters(tm) come to small Texas retirement community
Graphoanalysis story in local paper
The FAMiLY Leader's Marriage Vow pledge
Question Evolution Campaign comes to Texas
Federal Government says marijuana has no medicinal value
Psychic Fair

And the dogs stay relatively quiet, preparing their plans to wreak havoc upon unsuspecting greenery.

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  1. I realize now that I was actually talking about a different set of questions in the Question Evolution section. The questions I had in my brain, in spite of having the actual questions of the Question Evolution campaign in front of me, were the ones that were called "10 Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher". Doh! However, I still hold the idea that many science instructors in the High School and Middle School levels are Generalists and not necessarily prepared to answer the questions, though considering the amount of press that they received: they should be prepared. On the other hand, can the answers be put in a way, at that level, that would assuage the doubts? Probably not, as it's a matter of belief and trusting the source(s) that the questions have come from. And that's a large barrier to overcome.

  2. FYI: This year was TAM9. Just to keep you nice and jealous: I was also at TAM8 last year. Hopefully more of you can make it to TAM10.