Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Episode 015 Extra: TAM 9 overview

You'll still get your normal dose this week, but here is something we did and curse it all, we shall release it.

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Special Episode for those who really really really really really want to know about TAM 9.
If you're wondering why David sounds weird, it's because he was wandering around the studio.
TAM videos can be found at
The TAM 9 Program can be found at:

We started the podcast as a regular recording, but then it got..a little...sidetracked
1:20 Mormons on the Doorstep
5:07 TAM INtro
7:40 How to find and meet skeptics at TAM
9:00 Setting the scene
12:15 Penn & Teller's Show
14:30 Workshop: Medical Myths
19:01 Workshop: Grassroots Campaign,
23:00 Advancing Skepticism online
27:58 Rebecca Watson's Comedy Hour
30:50 Quick List: Michael Shermer, Skeptical TV, Eugenie Scott, Lawrence Krauss, Jamy Ian Swiss and the Project Alpha,
34:15 Jennifer Michael Hecht,
35:58 PZ Myers
36:10 Pamela Gay, Neil de Grasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Lawrence Krauss panel (moderated by Phil Plait)
38:50 Neil de Grass Tyson
39:48 Paul Provenza's Comedy show and Penn Jillette's Rock'N'Roll Donut and Bacon Party
42:00 Women Thinking Free Foundation vaccine clinic
43:20 Panel Ethics of Paranormal Investigation...with nearly everybody.
44:30 Sadie Crabtree
45:00 Getting Things Done
46:15 Placebo Panel
48:47 Elizabeth Loftis Manufacturing Memories
51:13 Richard Wiseman Magic and Psychology
56:42 An elevator aside by Greg and friends
1:02:40 SGU Live 1; Carol Tavris Dissent and Dissonance
1:04:29 Bill Nye
1:06:18 Richard Dawkins new book preview, brief aside on the size of TAM
1:13:48 Dinner with friends
1:14:20 Max Maven's "Thinking in Person"
1:15:30 Late night bar, Norway!
1:17:55 TAM paper presentations
1:20:42 Suzanna Martinez Conde and Stephan Macknik Sleights of Mind
1:22:24 Sara Mayhew Secular Storytelling
1:24:00 Panel on Communicating skepticism
1:28:19 Desiree Shell Learning from other social movements
1:28:45 Steven Novella on Mental Illness Denial
1:31:30 Diversity Panel
1:36:18 Jennifer Ouelette How Views on Space and Science have changed
and Sean Faircloth and The Attack of the Theocrats
and Randi's Closing

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