Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Help Reunite Ariel and Jordan" Update

The Skeptic Wire team has mentioned our friend Jordan's fundraising effort for his legal bills on the last few episodes (053, 054, & 055).

Jordan's still raising funds to pay for his legal challenge.  He owes the lawyer another $800 by May 19th, 2012.  Here's how close he is to meeting his overall goal.  Please help out our friend if you can.

Other updates are available at https://www.facebook.com/HelpReuniteArielAndJordan


  1. The Facebook page has disappeared. Does anyone have news or info on this?

  2. Jordan and Emily had to shut the page down to US residents because Ariel's mother and extended family discovered it. They were leaving a ton of messages on it, in all caps, and in general making it difficult for everyone. With that being said, he has had contact with Ariel via phone and Skype as well as a hearing scheduled for later this month. We will be keeping everyone informed as to the progress of Jordan's legal battles.

    --Donna, cohost of The Skeptic Wire

  3. Are there any updates on this case? Does anybody know the name of the judge. The judge in this case has clearly committed a serious human rights abuse, and he needs to be disbarred. Actually, he needs to be tried in the ICJ, but that's another matter.

  4. Heath,

    Please explain your comment about the ICJ as this case is and always has been a domestic civil custody case: the ICJ has nothing to do with it. Further, explain the "serious human rights abuse", as again, this is a custody battle, a primary component being that the father of the child was not religious while the mother's family apparently is quite religious, but at its base a custody battle.
    The latest news is that Jordan has received joint custody and visitation right- as he should always have had.
    And no we do not know the name of the judge(s) in the case.