Thursday, June 21, 2012

Episode 063 bunny hops from idea to idea but really ties itself to the point when it is finally made

00:03:08 Rambling Intro
The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
00:07:00 Birthdays Sir Frederich Gowland Hopkins
00:11:25 Skeptic Wire Live 1 Aug 2012 (
   Gary and Greg live music 23 Jun 2012
   good news Ariel and Jordan update 
   San Antonio CoR hosts Leo Igwe
00:19:27 Michigan Vaginas in the news
00:30:45 Louisiana vouchers backfire plus some of the Christian education standards
00:41:00 Split science education into two tracks? A rambling discussion
00:57:00 not-so-Lightning Round
Good god means crime, bad god means less crime
John the Baptist but probably not

And the dogs have their own discussion about who has the better chance of keeping the chew toy from the other.

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