Friday, June 29, 2012

Episode 064 computes the chances of meeting aliens but the computer crashes

00:01:00 Intro fan mail (woo-hoo!)
00:05:45 global warming sites and apps: 
Skeptical Science
youtuber Greenman3610
00:16:20 Birthdays Mildred J. Hill
00:21:00 Internet Vagina stuff (not THAT kind)
00:24:30 Rant on computer OSes
00:29:20 Iran, US, Israel, and viruses
00:35:00 Two Corpus Christi area female teenagers victims of hate crime?
00:48:20 Nat Geo survey about UFO's and aliens on to a discussion
about how the discovery might affect us
01:14:32 Lightning Round fill in the blank

And I left the barking dogs in just so other dogs can enjoy themselves (both Maese and Calli went running outside when they heard those other dogs barking on the recording...soooo turn it up!)

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