Friday, June 1, 2012

Episode 060 investigates the investigators and invests in vested vestibule vests

...which has little to do with the podcast itself.

Wait: don't read the show notes...because spoilers or something.
00:03:35 Birthday Bruno Groening, faith healer type

00:10:40 Texas A&M at San Antonio adjunct professor Sissy Bradford not re-hired after Church-State violation incident

00:17:55 Boston pole dancing ghosts

00:24:40 Texas Primaries and the State Board of Education

00:27:52 Religion trumps law say 74% of 1,606 people surveyed

00:38:30 Miyam Bialik rejects science of vaccines in favor of...not science.

00:50:10 Vaccines 
Analysis of Pertussis Vaccine 1900-1970 [abstract]

00:58:15 Dep of Homeland Security Key Word Watch List released

01:08:00 Lightning Round

Luc Montagnier (look him up...eye roll)

And the dogs rattle their tags in hopes we might give treats for their busking. Why they think they need to do this is unknown, as they are fairly well-fed. 

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