Friday, June 8, 2012

Episode 061 claws it's way to fame and fortune through the medium of skeptical tunage and interpretive rants

00:04:09 Birthday Guglielmo Marconi and RIP Ray Bradbury
00:12:45 Ariel and Jordan update
00:14:38 Creation quote Museum unquote and Lucy
00:38:35 North Carolina legislates science
00:51:40 Jason Alexander apologizes...really
01:06:00 Song Contest: Garys song "Its a Miracle"
01:14:10 Song Contest: Gregs song "In the Beginning"

And Calliope bookends the discussion by barking the start and stop points.

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Lyrics Gary's Song "Miracle"

Lost in the dark they went searching
Searching everywhere
See moments ago, couldn't have gone far
High and low, near the door, under the blow up mattress
Finally found them in the seat of the car
It's a miracle

She was failing class she needed an A to pass
So she studied for weeks with a tutor she's speak
Working day and night to understand
And on that test something helped her get the questions right

It's a miracle, a miracle
Tho statistics show the odds were pretty good
It's a miracle, a miracle
More often than not things turn out as they would

He was down on his luck down to his last buck
So he bet it all on the lottery
He was so blessed that when he guessed
He got all the numbers spot on
And he and eight other people get to share the winnings
Tho the others didn't need the money at all

It's a miracle, a miracle
Because statistically the odds were long
It's a miracle, a miracle
Even though there was a chance it could happen
Then it was quite possible it just might happen
Don't mean to have your happiness dampened
Fine then it's a miracle

Lyrics Greg's Song "In the Beginning"

In the beginning
In the old testament   
The world was created
Man were bad, floods were sent.   
Holy fire and brimstone
Rained down on Gommorrah   
Ten plagues on Egypt
It’s all there in the torah.   
Where are your miracles now?
In the day, god could cook.
Where are your miracles now?
Maybe it’s just a book.

In the beginning
In the old testament   
Red sea was parted
Wars won when walls were rent.   
Men could live in a whale
Manna came from the sky   
Men who looked in the ark
Would just lie down and die.   
In the beginning
In the new testament   
A virgin had a child
Shepherds saw the portents.   
Lazarus came to life
Lame could walk, blind could see.   
Touch his robe
Magic in Galilee.   


In the beginning
A little boy in New Jersey   
Goes to his church 
Testament sounds too flimsy.   
Your story doesn’t match
The real world that he sees.   
What’s happened?  What’schanged?
Answer that mystery.  
(CHORUS Repeat & fade)

The Big Board

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