Friday, October 12, 2012

Episode 079 sheepishly responds to questions asks....yeah right...sheepishly

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00:04:45 Corrections updates
Vitamin D, Sputnik
00:05:45 Listener Mail exclamation mark
But very rambling replies
Daniel: Liberals and anti-science
1: veganism,
2: trying to convince others their woo is bad
3: feminism
00:53:00 Birthday
01:01:13 Lightning Round

And Harpo dictates a sternly growled letter to the editor about...something.

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Still no Big Board so here is a classic sketch from the Two Ronnies
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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. The guy who died from eating cockroaches intrigued me. I immediately thought he had an allergy to shellfish. I had learned there was a connection between shellfish allergy and insects when the "Bug Guy" came with his specimens to my kids' Nature Camp. He explained that since he had handled them so much he was now allergic to insects and shellfish, so needed to wear gloves and wear a mask when the specimens were not behind glass.

      But I went to the Googles and found: this article

      The second news video (the first is no longer available) says the contestants must sign a waiver saying they are not allergic to shellfish. Le sigh.

      It is a very tragic story. And makes me very glad I live in the Pacific Northwest where the cockroaches are kept at bay by the number of spiders we have. Though when I lived in Texas (my father was stationed in Ft. Hood), I believe all of the creepy crawlers were kept in bay by the three inch long scorpions that lived in that house.

      I much prefer spiders to scorpions. Though the scorpions were easier to catch. I did use the long BBQ tongs to grab the one in the china cupboard and shove it down the garbage disposal.

      There was a weird ending (which is why I deleted and changed my comment). It just ended with one line, and not the normal ending music and bloopers. I thought I had not downloaded the whole podcast (which happens).

      Oh, well. How can you beat necrophilia?

      (Before having kids and having to quit being an engineer because the oldest child's multiple medical issues, I worked in a area of lots of guys. Go figure, it happens. During a discussion about relationships I mentioned that dear hubby was not into necrophilia (which was my way of explaining how I felt after a very long day at work). One very young new hire asked "What is that?". So we handed him a dictionary and told him to look it up. The look on his face was full deer in headlights priceless!)