Friday, October 26, 2012

Episode 081 Texas Freethought Convention Interviews and stuff

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00:01:31 Kathleen Johnson, Vice President, American Atheists
00:05:25 Steven Joseph Arauza, Founder "Godless Patriots"
00:14:00 Kevin Butler, Regional Campus Organizer For Texas, Secular Student Alliance
00:20:15 Emily Davis - freethinking musician
00:28:00 Darrel Ray
00:34:45 Weekend Recap
Special thanks to State Legislators who supported us being on the Capitol steps
00:39:10 Magic Sandwich Show
00:41:10 The big Debate
First version of abortion debate with Matt Dillahunty and Kristine Kruszelnicki (give it a few days and a better version with clean audio and video will be available):
00:50:10 Atheism+

And no dogs at the convention, on the Capitol grounds, or in the car so who the hell knows what they were doing. Probably barking at something.

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And here is a picture of the shadow of an atom.

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