Friday, October 19, 2012

Episode 080 takes a flying leap from space nearly landing on a small child who should have known better but doesn't because she didn't

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00:02:00 Birthday
00:12:00 WOT
00:16:15 Court rulings
DOMA unconstitutional
Kountz TX cheer leaders allowed to have Bible versus on their football sign things
00:28:00 Free Speech
00:33:00 Help Greta Christina
00:34:20 A leap from the edge of space and binders full of women
00:38:00 Child Abuse and perpetuation of behavior
01:05:30 Donna's Dinesh D'Souza Divorce Discussion snark
01:11:45 Lightning Round

And Harpo barks at the pizza guy, ignoring the pizza placed on an easily accessible table: good girl!

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